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Latest valentine dresses trend, the history behind valentine day.

 The History Behind Valentines Day! 


On 14 February we celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, usually by the way of exchanging cards, sweets, lingerie, flowers or jewelry. 

 But, what exactly are we celebrating, is it just a holiday the retail stores invented to get our money? One could think so, but no, we are actually celebrating a Christian Holiday, Saint Valentine’s. 

 The first legend to the background of the celebration of Valentine’s Day is this: 

During the 3rd century a priest by the name of Valentine, under Claudius II in Rome, secretly disobeyed the law. 

Claudius had come to believe that a single soldier was a better soldier than a married young man and so decided to outlaw marriage in order to have plenty young strong men with no wives at his disposal. 

Valentine, the priest, did not obey this law and continued to celebrate the holy bond of marriage for young couples in secrecy. 

Of course, the way it always works with secret clauses, he was caught and sent to his death. 

 The second legend believes that Valentine was a prisoner who fell in love with a young woman, who came to see him often. It is believed that she was his jailers daughter. Before his untimely death he wrote her a love letter, signed with ‘Your Valentine’. There fore the phrase ‘Be my Valentine’. 

Some believe he was beheaded, others thought that he died of sickness. 

No one is even sure if 14 February was the day of his birth or his death or if it had indeed anything to do with Saint Valentine at all. The only thing that is for sure, is that the Romans had a tradition in the middle of February, which would mark the 14th, called the Love Lottery. It was believed that spring and with it the renewal of life came along in the middle of February, therefore the love lottery was held, coupling young men and women for one year, often leading to marriage. 

We hope that you did enjoy this little background on Valentine’s Day and we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day, with lots of lasting love and Friendship! 

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