Friday, 30 March 2012

Reema khan pictures.

Reema khan pictures.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Teen girls churidaar frock pattern.

Teen girls churidar frock pattern. Churidar dress has become the normal of today's  fashion. As always, this trendy avatar of the traditional salwar suit is most liked by the young generation. This is perhaps the reason why fashion designers as well as manufacturers, brands and companies always try to innovate and bring out newer styles of Churidar dress patterns and designs. Churidar dress of recent times favor a more embellished looks- either with self woven patterns or with embroidery, heavy threads, applique and sequin works, or patchwork. Dupatta/ Chunnis too have some forms of embellishment- patchwork at borders, laces or zari, gota etc. If not then some kind of variation is experimented with. For example, a crushed chunni is taken along with Anarkali style churidar or a printed dupatta matching with the pattern of churidar is worn to give a more stylish look. Embroidery and patchwork is also popular on the sleeves of dress or at the hem of front panel of the dress or the neck designs. Sometimes, the bottom end of the legging churidar is also embellished with embroidery or some patchwork.Teen girls churidar frock pattern. 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Churidaar dresses frocks for girls latest.

Churidaar dresses frocks for girls latest. Churidaar pajama with different types of kameez or shirts is used by Pakistani female students. It is preferred because it emphasis the outlines/figure of leg and it is longer than the length of leg. It ended with buttoned cuff tightly fitted at the ankle. But now a days Pakistani girls changed this trend they usually use pajama which is not enough tight to their legs but it is tight and fitted more than other trousers and simple shalwaar. Pakistani college and university girls wear frock, long shirts many other types of kameez with churidar pajama. churidaar trouser is the top fashion in Pakistan.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

shalwaar kameez boarder print design.

 Anarkali churidaar shalwaar kameez design.
 Long umbrella frock ,shalwaar kameez print boarder design.
 A line print boarder long shirt shalwaar kameez design.
 churidaar print boarder shalwaar kameez.
full sleeves  A line printed boarder shalwaar kameez, Excellent for most body types as the eye is usually drawn to the bottom or “border” of the print; therefore giving you a longer, leaner look.  This works because most if not all of the detailing of the print is at the bottom of the garment.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Modern churidaar dresses designs.

churidaar dresses are popular fashion now in Pakistan. Most of the young girls like very much churidaar pajama trousers, all these modern churidaar dresses designs are latest fashion. choose one design for your choice. 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Churidaar salwar kameez dupatta fashion.

                                                                                         Dupatta signifies the various stages of life of a girl. She adorns her dupatta around her neck when she is single, the same dupatta goes over her head when she is married . Dupatta is a eastern tradition , a piece of garment cloth is called dupatta, dupatta can be matched with dress is a fashion, dupatta is in other words SCARF.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Churidaar long kameez fashion dresses latest .

Collection 2012 for women for this season of spring.This stunning and beautiful collection 2012 has consists of different style of A-line and long shirts with churidar pajamas and trousers.Each dress of this collection of formal wear 2012 has embellished with heavily embroidery and different type of laces. these days churidaar trousers and long shirts are getting very popular fashion in Pakistan day by day.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Churidaar shalwaar kameez fashion styles.

It is usually believed that the shalwaar has covered the ways for churidar at the right time. In short, we can say that the churidar is the conclusion of lust. He made a special occurrence, to the wearer.
One big difference, and churidar Shalwaar is a traditional touch. Shalwaar is a more traditional touch as churidar. Churidar is much artificial. This is a more modern look. Making churidar Shalwaar is associated with the shift away from the traditional to modern touch.
Interesting difference between churidar shalwaar and is the method of sewing the two styles. Cuts and curves it, by which is a shalwaar characterized different cuts and curves it, by which is a churidar is embossed. In short, it is said that much difference between two when it comming to their decision-making. Shalwaar has convert in to modern shalwaar kameez.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Pakistani wedding dresses Maria b collection 2012.

Maria B. has already launched many collections. Just see in the pictures which will show the unique work of Maria B. of the new and dazzling.  All the best collections are especially made according to the demand of their fans and clients who always like to wear something new with the passage of time and fashion trend of Pakistan.This collection is the big proof that Maria B. always set her eyes on the demand of her fans whenever season changes or wedding days comes here in the country.Pakistan’s largest manufacturer and retailer of women’s fashion garments Maria B. always bring the most stunning and glamorous dresses which are totally made according to the fashion trend of Pakistan.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ladies fashion styles frocks international designs latest 2012.

 summer evening frock design.
 party frock design.
 evening party frock dress design.          
 life style casual frock design.              
A wedding party frock design.