Friday, 8 June 2012

Landscapes Margalla hills views Islamabad, Pakistan.

 Entrance margallas hills, journey starts from here.
 Monkeys enjoys sunny weather near by road to pir sohawa.
 shoaibnzm on tour margalla hills.
 pir sohawa near by monal , behind lovely village view.
 Mid way damn-e-koh to pir sohawa.
 rawal lake view from magalla hills.
 Daman-e-koh view point .
 sunny and cloudy weather in the way to pir sohawa.
Landscapes Margalla hills views Islamabad, Pakistan. View point from pir sohawa monal. Pir Sohawa, a popular viewing point in Islamabad.
Various points at Margalla hills provide panoramic views of the city while the location of Pir Suhawa gives a scenic view of Islamabad.  The natural beauty of Margalla hills is attracting a number of sightseers adding special enchantment to the local and foreign visitors after the weather has taken a pleasant turn.
The visitors describe the area as a source of facilitating heavenly glimpses of the Capital, especially the picturesque beauty at roadsides of Daman-e-Koh.  The Capital Development Authority(CDA) after upgrading the viewpoints has introduced electric-powered cars to transport tourists from the parking area aiming at reducing pollution at the green hilly areas. 
“Margalla hills are excellent for hiking especially when there is less rain and the days are extremely pleasant,” 
“Margalla hills are home to various species of wild life including monkeys and birds,”. 
“It freshens the mood while looking at the haze hovering the hills and some good colours with pleasant effects of weather at the pollution free tranquil atmosphere,
 most attractive beauty in this season is the freshness of greens and browns while bright touch in yellow jasmines and other plants depict the awesome charm of the season with vibrant display of colours. My trip to margalla hills was very pleasant.

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