Monday, 30 July 2012

Pakistani Eastern bridal latest make up pictures.

Eastern bridal make up pictures. Find out how professionals apply wedding make-up for a look that will last all day. All women have face and body shapes a little different from their friends, with their lips, cheeks and even eyes look different from person to person. While there is a wealth of beauty information on how to dress specific body types or what colours of make-up go best with various hair and eye colors, many fashion and cosmetics experts fail to provide tips on how to use eye make-up to match your eye shape. Many brides under-do their make-up when trying to achieve the natural look, but doing this may result in a washed-out effect, especially in photographs. Spend time at the make-up counter and look for pink and peach shades because they provide a natural-looking bridal flush for a barely-there look. Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day.

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