Saturday, 17 March 2012

Churidaar shalwaar kameez fashion styles.

It is usually believed that the shalwaar has covered the ways for churidar at the right time. In short, we can say that the churidar is the conclusion of lust. He made a special occurrence, to the wearer.
One big difference, and churidar Shalwaar is a traditional touch. Shalwaar is a more traditional touch as churidar. Churidar is much artificial. This is a more modern look. Making churidar Shalwaar is associated with the shift away from the traditional to modern touch.
Interesting difference between churidar shalwaar and is the method of sewing the two styles. Cuts and curves it, by which is a shalwaar characterized different cuts and curves it, by which is a churidar is embossed. In short, it is said that much difference between two when it comming to their decision-making. Shalwaar has convert in to modern shalwaar kameez.

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